EMC has provided air monitoring services, including auditing, reporting, and maintenance since 1978. During this time, we have serviced dozens of air monitoring shelters, many of which we designed, built, and installed ourselves. Our quality service is affordable and reliable.

In 1989, EMC began offering data acquisition software for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) and Meteorological Monitoring. EMC Station Manager® data loggers and EMC System Manager® central data management systems supply real-time data, charts, reports, alarms, and calibration control to thousands of government and commercial clients worldwide.

EMC also offers a full line of related data acquisition software. Our Air Quality Map software publishes unique graphical maps of air monitoring data to a customer website automatically every hour. Our Air Quality Voice software is an interactive voice response system for providing Air Quality Index (AQI) and pollutant concentration data to the public via telephone.

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